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Poonam Pandey Strips in MMS Video

Poonam Pandey shot to fame when she said that she would go nude if the Indian team wins the World Cup. And now, this Kingfisher calendar girl’s making news as a clip of her ‘stripping’ is doing the rounds. This 20-year-old model loses her t-shirt to reveal a bikini as she poses for a magazine shoot.

Pandey tweeted the links to the video and posted them on her Facebook page. The clip as such is not ‘raunchy’. Both the clips however are getting a lot of hits. To the reactions she got to the links, "i dono What do People get Making such MMS on me Shooting it like a ghost n Uploading them ... i was just on a shoot but then such Acts hahah," Poonam tweeted.

Watch the video of her 'undressing' here now:--

The model and liquor baron Vijay Mallya were taken to court by RK Pandey when she said she will strip if India wins the World Cup. RK Pandey, an individual who felt offended by Poonam promising to strip, accused her of depicting Brahmins in poor light and accused Mallya of prompting Poonam to go for nudity.


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