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Jenny McCarthy on bullying in schools: "My hair was set on fire" (VIDEO)

Jenny McCarthy is now famous as a sex symbol. She used to write their books provided information and light on the reality of autism, who struggle with their son. But the star recently spoke about his battle with school bullying. The crisis has become so extreme that McCarthy's hair is actually a fire. His interview with Dr. Drew is perfectly synchronized with bullying Awareness Month.

McCarthy experience the experience of pain and said:  "Apart from being verbally abusive, in my neighborhood, but also beat him. I mean, my hair was lit on fire, yeah, I met many times. I have pie thrown in his face, pulled her hair, punches, kicks . .. I did not want to tell every teacher, I was ashamed."

Jenny McCarthy returns to "Two and a Half Men"

A year ago, when I think it was more likely that the next two and a half men season, had Charlie Sheen, Jenny McCarthy, McCarthy, no one away. But then Charlie Sheen was strange, complacency and self-destruction came, turning the comedy into a vehicle for Ashton Kutcher. And while McCarthy had recurring Sheen's ex-wife, calls the lack of the issue is not to prevent return.

Jenny returned to her role, working to dig their gold manipulations Kutcher character, billionaire Walden Schmidt. While the show is still very popular, ratings have fallen since Kutcher approach, so maybe should combine the return of McCarthy with longtime fans, nostalgia works without the addition of Charlie Sheen.

No word on the number of episodes of this season is McCarthy, but we assume that a beautiful and funny actress who has a connection with the original cast can not hurt the ratings for CBS.


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