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Moto X first press shot just before the opening at August 1

It looks like the beginning of the first glamor Motorola Google Android flagship is built entirely be shot.

Finally, we know when Motorola will make us believe that to end. All details about the highly anticipated Moto X, the first smartphone from the company that has been completely designed from the beginning to the property Google has an invitation to the opening ceremony on 1 August, but remains the leaks come in the meantime.

Above is courtesy of evleaks theUnlockr and both claim to be the first images of the new phone charm for the media.

Nothing revolutionary here to see more clearly, although the rear fire Moto X curve is visible and the wallpaper weathered wood on the stock Android home screen, all customization options include a reference.

Back to spot leaks Moto X landing on U.S. airlines later, in August, but not surprised to see. Available locks or perhaps a little earlier in a vehicle.

It seems that the secret ingredient in the software rather than the content of this superphone. So far, the rumors were that the material will not use anyone but new innovations as an assistant for Google Voice can still be very interesting now.

As for the picture above, what your impression? Are you planning to queue for Moto X or wait to see what Apple and others are considering their next flagship phone?

Tim Tebow And Tom Brady Worried For Aaron Hernandez

Tim Tebow and Tom Brady worries about Aaron Hernandez and behavior in the year 2011, when Hernandez "to much to handle" describes the video shows newly hatched.

Aaron Hernandez
Brady. "I try to take care of Aaron and Brandon" Tebow "... I also know that the good kids" Brady "[Yes] are difficult to handle"

"I see more of Aaron and Brandon," said Brady Tebow.

"I know you. Are good kids, "he said Tebow.

"[Yes] is a lot to handle," said Brady.

The video is of 18 December 2011, in Denver - Week 15 of the NFL season, when Brady New England Patriots defeated the Denver Broncos Tebow led 41-23. NFL Films video contains summaries of the games and Tebow and Brady shake hands after the game and talk briefly Hernandez.

The video shows the two districts are very friendly, and it is clear that recorded contact with each other from the field. And some of these contacts is discussed Hernandez and tips, patriots linebacker.

 >> UF coach muschamp speaks Aaron Hernandez

 >> Tebow tried to break in 2007 Aaron Hernandez fight

Other video oddities. It opens with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tebow Broncos QB page encouraging to kiss and ask questions about the former Gators coach Urban Meyer. "He is looking forward to the race in the state of Ohio," said Tebow. Tebow, of course, answered most questions with a trained auditor "Yes, sir."

After a few moments of the game, then the video jumps Tebow and Brady meet in the middle to shake hands after the match hands. The sound quality is surprisingly clear Brady encouraged Tebow before the call to Hernandez and ends.

Brady. "Good game, Tim you a great year," Tebow Brady "Good things happen Keep it up, good people," Please enjoy. "....

"Thank you. Treasures," Tebow said.

"Keep it up Good things happen to good people," says Brady

"I realize that," Tebow responded.

At least for now, the two layers are included Patriots. But Hernandez, of murder, not the team two quarters good man trying to keep an eye on the suspect.

Patriots owner Bob force feels "betrayed" by Aaron Hernandez. An emotional New England Patriots, Bob broke his silence on Monday in force Aaron Hernandez honestly tell you that the murder charge sticks "I made a mistake and our entire organization is misguided."

Power returned home Saturday from a holiday abroad that began before Hernandez - now a former close patriots winger - Aaron Hernandez charged with murder on 17 June semi-professional footballer Lloyd Odin loaded. Hernandez is also being investigated for possible connection with a double murder in Boston in 2012.

At a press conference at the team headquarters in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Kraft has spoken publicly for the first time since the murder. Journalists veterans of the scene told The Sports Xchange force that spoke against the advice of his lawyers, but with obvious emotion and openness makes him one of the most respected leaders of the NFL.

Raw Results: Cena chooses his fate takes RVD and Lesnar flight punish Punk

Brad Maddox addressed the WWE

Brooklyn, NY - In the outer areas of the concrete jungle, in a new Cub management of Monday Night Raw. And his name is Brad Maddox.

The new CEO walked in Kings County with all the trappings of a victorious general, as fate, Maddox just a few minutes of his inaugural speech program to a blockbuster opportunity fell into my lap.

An appearance on WWE Champion John Cena Maddox led to declare that the master would be allowed to opt for Summer Slam his opponent. Of course, the sudden money seemed banking business contract Randy Orton threatened the proclamation before derail expected, but it was an invasion of Fandango Viper led to the separation. "Arches were thrown and a fight broke out, but thanks to a quick decision Maddox - Check the big brains on Brad - had to dance with the devil same Apex Predator in the first game of the evening.

Although Bryan brilliant artist, I'm excited to see the match.I think Bryan hit Cena and Cena will leave no money in. I RKO WWE Sheamus gimmick change (Fella gimick stinks) I really hope this guy is such a hard worker and almost all go to shows, but his jokes and horrible mic work as a face that is worse than it was king Sheamus. In turn heel or face with a goal not only to fight.

Paul Heyman signed his own request after death. CM Punk is his revenge! As for Lesnar, better watch your back! I hope Triple H informs an eye on this situation. See WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Results

WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Results: Complete Winners, grades and analysis by All Facebook1

Win a Money in the Bank ladder match essentially guarantees that quickly became a superstar, well, relatively early in the case and Dolph Ziggler to be a world champion.

Therefore, the appeal of these pay-per-view, but is still fairly new, of course.

In addition to the complaint, the 2013 version has some new twists.

In a game, it's all former champions competing for the contract for the WWE Championship. On the other hand, it's up-coming superstars (with a bit of a vague definition of the back-and-forth) (with a bit of a vague definition of Superstars) compete for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract.

Moreover, the performance of the antenna specialist Rob Van Dam, five title games and a variety of Philadelphia usually difficult, and you have the recipe for an expected pay-per-view.

Look what happened.

I knew it! Orton said he would win and he did it. Everyone says Bryan was, but I did not. WWE We believe in Daniel Bryan, but not the WWE. Sheamus did an excellent job as the aggressor. He was on the list for half the match.Orton slowly turning heel while hunting Cena with the briefcase of the WWE title should be fun, especially if Bryan is somehow involved. Raw Results: Cena chooses his fate takes RVD and Lesnar flight punish Punk.

LG Mobile Claimed Thinest LCD Full HD Smartphone.

LG Display announced today that it is the thinnest LCD Full HD smartphones in the developed world, measuring just 2.2 millimeters thick.

The company said that its new screen 5.2 inches (132 mm) has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and is lighter than current mobile HD panels on the market. LG has not revealed when the drive on the market, but showed images of this work and said that his results were independently tested by Intertek Testing Company. LG, the display window is a fraction of thickness of 2.3 mm.

LG says it uses a new technology at home or simple technical solution CGO glass "solution from a single crystal Advanced." Layer the touch screen directly on the bottom of the glass platform to the combination of the two. This eliminates the need for a separate touch screen layer and light. It also has the ability to easily and cost savings.

Screens, batteries and camera modules are among the heaviest components in smartphones. Thin and light designs are a great incentive for the consumer to consumer, and that the manufacturers are willing to connect their devices. The touch screen and a more expensive phone NAND flash memory chips and the main processor component followed.

Last month, Huawei announced that China will soon be the world's thinnest smartphone, Ascend P6 only 6.18 mm thick. The Apple iPhone 5 is 7.6 mm thick, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 7.9 mm.

Last year, the fourth-largest display manufacturer LG small and medium-sized screens are used on smartphones and tablets sale to NPD DisplaySearch provider. LG had a market share of 12 percent, behind Samsung screen 23 percent, 15 percent in Japan Display and Sharp 13 percent.

Said panel superiority in terms of the relative resolution, brightness and resulting in greater ease of reading outdoors contrast.

The contrast of the screen in a real environment offered Contrast Ratio 3.74:1 gives a reading of 10,000 lux, which according to LG, indicates that the screen has a good performance even in the strong external sunlight has been based. The certification is based on testing company Intertek based.

The move certainly shows that the intelligent upscale future phones will be thinner and have larger screens.

Nokia Lumia brings in 1020 with 41 megapixels

New York Files: Nokia Lumia smartphone launched in 1020 to life on Thursday, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer is a 41 megapixel camera, here in New York a new attempt to compete with rivals Apple and Samsung in the market very competitive smartphones.
Nokia Lumia brings in 1020 with 41 megapixels

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said the Lumia flagship 1020 operating system Windows Phone 8, would be a game changer in Photography intelligent. The handset maker has fallen behind its competitors in the category of high-end phones as it has lost market share and sales in recent years worldwide.

During the presentation of its properties, Elop said the aircraft is far superior in terms of its photographic capabilities that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone era. The Nokia Lumia 1020 U.S. markets initially reached exclusively with AT & T, with sales expected on 26 July at a price of $ 299 from a two-year contract. Post the launch in the United States, 1020 China is expected Lumia and major European markets during the quarter, said Elop.

No specific data were provided for the start of India. However, Indian consumers can expect a price, cheaper version of the Lumia range is competitive with similar innovations introduced before the international NGOs in emerging markets, said Stephen Elop.

The Lumia 1020 a second generation 41 megapixel sensor provides sharp details on the Nokia Pure View has the technology, the mobile phone maker bank problems smartphones category leader Samsung and Apple will be different.

Nokia has been criticized for not aggressively Lumia range as well as the Windows operating system for its smartphones instead of Google's Android OS, go to the most popular mobile platform.

Akshay Kumar is the highest taxpayer in Bollywood

It does not take long when Akshay Kumar was everywhere on the microblogging site Twitter, the first player to win Rs.2000 crore in his life now the actor is back to Khan, the first three to beat.

According to a leading newspaper, the 45-year-old of the largest payers of tax claims.

Apparently Akshay Kumar Sir has paid Rs.18 crore. Salman Khan is in second place, paid Rs.11 crore as income tax in advance. Shahrukh Khan is in third place, and who Rs.10.5 crore as tax paid. Aamir Khan, meanwhile, is believed to have paid Rs.8 crore.

"Nobody talks about these things openly, but the list of advance taxpayers threw some surprises this year. In recent years, Salman Khan films were hits at the box office, but Akshay is for the rest of the payment of taxes," the newspaper exchanges the newspaper quoted initiated.

Speaking of actresses Katrina Kaif has the highest paid Rs.4.5 crore, while Kareena Kapoor Khan paid Rs.4 crore. Priyanka Chopra was paid Rs 2 crore rupees lean.

Akki  gives back-to-back hit movies as Housefull 2, Rowdy Rathore and Oh My God(OMG) in 2012. Love you Akshay Kumar Sir. Now days he's busy in shooting of Once Upon a Time In Mumbai Dobara. Akshay's fans are eagerly waiting to see him as Villain role in this movie as DON of Mumbai.

Here the great dialogue delivered by Shoaib Khan(Akshay Kumar) in OUTIMA Dobara.

Finally A baby in the house of Shah Rukh Khan Named Abrahm

The secret of a surrogate baby rumors Shahrukh Khan has taken another turn.

According to reports in some sections of the press  "reported that Shahrukh has studiously silent -. The baby was born in July, but according to the information available on this day seems to be a baby and Gauri are alive today.

This child, a man, was commissioned by the sister-in-law Gauri Khan Namita Chibber. It was opened at the hospital on June 4 candy allowed in the care of Dr. Indira Hinduja.

Dr. Hinduja is a pioneer physician assisted reproductive health, that he has the first test tube baby in India in 1986, Shahrukh Khan was a few months ago, approached to discuss the possibility of assisted delivery, depending on the source.

The baby was delivered by Namita Chibber premature at seven months and has since remained in the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital. The baby is in the care of pediatrician Dr. Ciro contractor that monitors your health.

According to several family members of patients speak we visited the hospital regularly Gauri Khan and Shahrukh was seen until Tuesday when he went to his shoulder injury, but also visit NICU that day.

While the baby "Unconfirmed reports suggest he is called Abram, a variant of Abraham, the father of many (nations) means " is still in the intensive care unit, sources say it there until you healthy one could continue to achieve weight was Namita Chibber published Friday. The download form does not Chibber or phone number of her husband, but the number of private Shahrukh Khan. Although, of course, this is no evidence that the baby is SRK and Gauri, this means that there is a new kid on the family.

Shahrukh was hard to get everyone speaks a replacement baby, confirm nor deny anything when he specifically asked for an addition to your family. Instead, pull the star in his next film Chennai Express, released this Eid focus with great expectations.

India Vs Sri Lanka Tri-Series 2013 at Kingston

Kingston (Jamaica): 1 July 2013

Asian neighbors India and Sri Lanka will compete in the third game of the tri-series in the Caribbean after losing each of the hosts West Indies in their opening games. The team took the lead in the standings with nine points in her pussy in two games, while India and Sri Lanka are about to open their accounts. So both teams looking for an edge in the second phase of the round robin, won on Tuesday, hoping to avoid a battle to qualify. The final on July 11

Sunday's match against the West Indies, India has its run of five games unbeaten seen in one-day internationals (ODIs) is broken by a narrow margin. He defeated the defending champion, "that is his strength, could not turn against the Windies at Sabina Park, Rohit Sharma, accounting for 60 and Suresh Raina 44 that he is the only glimmer of hope that the mighty Indian batting line-up, unchanged from England and Wales was could muster only 229 for seven expect on the board., India was an isolated case.

That is, produced the game of India inspiring efforts in trying to defend the modest sum concierge fell short of what would have been a great victory. Umesh Yadav took three wickets while Ishant Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin scored twice. The only disappointment, and, surprisingly, he. Figures of 10-1-50-0 of the ICC Champions Trophy Ballon d'Or Ravindra Jadeja

Sri Lanka had become catastrophic in their six-wicket defeat to the hosts. Their batting line-up can be managed only 208 runs, while giving the team. Conceded defeat in 40 overs to the West Indies a bonus point The people of Sri Lanka have been too much on the three pillars of the store known Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara and Tillakaratne Dilshan criticized. In the absence of Dilshan (hamstring) and the failure of Sangakkara (17 from 23 balls) was only Jayawardene (52-52 balls) and captain Angelo Mathews (55 not out of 77 balls) has over 30 races against the Windies in an area that is not too hard to beat in. To make matters worse, no one could their players, the talents are obtained from an ATM each as the West Indies cruised to an easy victory as qualified Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Kulasekara and Rangana Herath .

India and Sri Lanka have faced a lot of time since the 2007 World Cup and know the strengths and weaknesses of each. India has the best of both sides of the head run over the last six years, with 27 wins out of 45 possible, even against their neighbors in the final of the 2011 World Cup and the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy in 2013. So Lanka insisted that revenge is in their minds while playing India, it is known that the vote be equipped with diplomacy. Sabina Park will change? The course One thing is certain - the Lanka play out of their skin so they can defeat convinced that he would not be too unhappy with his last defeat this Indian side.

In team news, it is unlikely that India's captain MS Dhoni field after cramping during the match stick in the Caribbean and has not the field for the second option. Indians do not want to risk his employer and make sure it is for the later stages of the series. This means that Murali Vijay, the only other hitter in the bank is the automatic choice would be to introduce some. Combine at random Opener Vijay is out-and-out, and it is unlikely that other than the two opening positions are allocated. This would lead to a shift Rohit Sharma to No. 3 or 4, that a successful opening partnership with Shikhar Dhawan could break. This is a difficult decision for the coach and assistant captain Virat Kohli, but it is inevitable.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand are mainly an unchanged team.


India (estimated): Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli (C), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

Sri Lanka (probable): Upul Tharanga, Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Dinesh Chandimal, Angelo Mathews (c), Lahiru Thirimanne, Nuwan Kulasekara, Jeevan Mendis, Rangana Herath, Lasith Malinga, Ajantha Mendis.

Time: 20:00 | 14:30 GMT

Siddharth Mallya gifted luxury homes to Deepika were sold!

If Deepika Padukone appears before love with Siddharth Mallya a 2 bedroom hall in Bandra is a 3 Bedroom Hall Kitchen apartament Prabhadevi wanted to live with a luxury apartment. He also called nodes that these luxury apartments on the functions malya boyfriend Siddharth Deepika gave the same gift.

6 months ago deepika new home from home - Part varmingani and many Bollywood stars to attend the event, said. But now, separated by sidharth offered against Deepika wants luxury apartment for sale. The real estate professionals Deepika appeared before seeking flat a good buyer.

The flat design of dipikae took a personal interest. It was designed according to all corners of the house.

Source said that "It is reassuring that proposed against Deepika, the amplitude of the 30-storey flat-filled life in this luxury do not want to. In addition, real estate agent, buyers, for example, attractive plan special test selected opposite Deepika interiar chosen as the design house presented against Deepika and personal touch. "

He was in the house opposite Siddharth Deepika vitavela appears I remember the time, and it is called caused because you have decided to sell the apartment.

Kentucky NASCAR race postponed to Sunday lunch

Sparta, Kentucky - A series of heavy rain forced NASCAR to the State 400 Sprint Cup Series race set Saturday night at Kentucky Speedway Quaker.

Outsmart persistent dawn of time, but more rain storms in the forecast Sunday.

The race has been moved to Sunday lunch. TNT broadcast.

Meteorologists called for thunderstorms all afternoon and Saturday night, and they were right. The first major rainmakers swept 15 hours and another, so the road thoroughly soaked runway shortly after 5 s.

Spray Dryer were, and enter another cell made ​​at 7:15. NASCAR ordered the dryer. It took a few times until NASCAR called just after 9.

It takes about two hours to dry the 1.5-mile track.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. to leave after Sunday. Unfortunately, the forecast expects Sunday just like the one making the effort to watch Friday and Saturday in Kentucky. NASCAR dodging thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Nationwide Series race Friday night at Kentucky was also affected by bad weather, Brad Keselowski was declared winner after rain reached 30 towers and shorten the event.

NASCAR has an additional challenge: Weepers, the cracks in the track where the water flows and currents below the surface. Kentucky worn asphalt and has more than whiners other tracks.

Moreover, the new NASCAR titanium Kentucky has drying track. It is a challenge for the use of titanium air and Speedway Motorsports Inc. to pay tracks - owner of Kentucky Speedway - balked at high prices.

Titan Air has contributed to the delay in Talladega for about 45 minutes, 5 Can shorten.

The last time I had to push a NASCAR Cup race was the Daytona 500, 2012. This event was conducted on the following Monday.

Anna Nicole Smith reborn actress Agnes Bruckner

Anna Nicole Smith left a large footprint in reality still in development and the culture of celebrity, and if they leave us in a wave of tragedy, it was hard not to believe that he had suffered.

Now Anna Nicole Smith was born as an actress Agnes Bruckner simply called for a new film about the tragic life pinup Anna Nicole.

Smith has experienced ups and downs in his life, but that seemed the beginning of a new chapter to be when she gave birth to her baby Dannielynn Birkhead. Once Dannielynn their way in the world, Smith lost her son Daniel - partly for the new baby, and clearly the center of the world of Anna Nicole.

We all know what happened then, and what is your opinion about Anna Nicole Smith, the inability of a parent to grief may remain one after the loss of a child - a child who is reportedly by many, the only constant in life of ester.

Now it is the turn of Bruckner as life tonight Anna Nicole Smith's, and speaks of a star on the challenges that a woman whose life played in real time to viewers for years.

When Anna Nicole Bruckner said:

"I was very nervous and anxious to participate because they are so iconic and so famous and was larger than life part I wondered." When I remove them? "And," what kind of movie we do? "And all these questions ... We wanted to tell. All these things have given to the role itself. Trust another story"

The Smith fans will also remember that the weight of the rock star, and even your time Schilling A dietary supplement. Bruckner said the costumes for the role:

"We worked hard and had breast implants and prosthetic cheek and neck pieces when I was heavier. I bleached my own hair. Wig and also had parts ... had different looks created along his journey. Wardrobe team, many of these beautiful dresses, see you in the movie from the beginning, working day and night. transformation is really only one reason to see because it is so incredible. this film gave everyone chills when I to determine how she is dressed. "

Bruckner also said she cried watching the life of Anna Nicole Smith played in version for life, mainly because of the circumstances in which the star is dead.

Alyssa Milano celebrity addresses of the child reboot 'Terminator': Paula Deen selling books, more: What is a trendline

More information about the recent interview of Alyssa Milano in Maxim, where weather laugh "Terminator" in theaters, why Paula Deen has some stories and other popular online trend today.

Alyssa Milano in Maxim Cover: Since its beginnings as a child star in "Who's the Boss" his most recent article, "Lovers", actor Alyssa Milano has seen both the highs and lows of fame. In the current issue of Maxim Milan grew up in the spotlight and how their experiences with other former child stars who like adult actors struggling differered. (The Inquisitr)

"Terminator" will be back: The Terminator franchise seems with the announcement that the first start of a planned trilogy of new films released in 2015. As mentioned above, Arnold Schwarzenegger would be involved in the new film, there is no official word on the role they could play. (Entertainment Weekly)

Paula Deen a bestseller: Paula Deen While many of his sponsors and his TV show, Southern Cook lost at least one bright spot in his life. Deen's new book and will be released in October, has exploded in the ranks of selling books on Amazon. Deen is outselling heavyweights like George RR Martin, Dan Brown and Stephen King. (Hollywood Reporter)

West continues cooking: grill scorching temperatures remain the southwest. Wind 120s and even pushing 130 can be seen in some parts of California, Nevada and Arizona. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas to stay indoors. Maximum temperatures in the city of sin is a forecast for 117 Only lighting is in the future it is expected that the maximum dive this weekend in the 90s. (

The Cavs Wonder Project: Little Cavaliers fans still, the project team UNLV star forward Anthony Bennett last night, but that's exactly what they did. Get a complete overview of the NBA last night with the analysis of the Plain Dealer, and share your thoughts on the Cavs options.

Spain vs Italy Confederations Cup 2013 Final 0-0 (7-6), PK hardly miss the Azzurri Bonucci

120 minutes football and six rounds of sanctions were not enough to decide. Highlights between Spain and Italy sent Ultimately the failure Leonardo Bonucci Jesus Navas to Spain in the final on Sunday.

Hot 120 minutes for Spain and Italy before an impasse aimlessly in the Brazilian and humid night. With six rounds of sanctions, no pressure loss and built. Finally, Leonardo Bonucci was broke, sent his HP at the bar, Jesus Navas to Spain in the final.

Spain to Italy since the opening shot and had almost two minutes on the scoreboard after Pedro Rodriguez whistle, but the space was released in the middle of the picture Italy. Barcelona striker shot rolled just wide of the post, just avoid red a dream to start the game.

Italy was hit Spain on the break and got a corner in the 8th Minute was a target. The only Andrea Pirlo sent a beautiful ball in the middle of the room in the published Christian Maggio and was able to get a clean cup. His attempt sailed over the bar, but it was a difficult decision for Spain, despite their early dominance.

As the half moved, Italy moved into their defensive shell and secondary counter when the opportunity presented itself. In 15 minutes, found the Maggio Alberto Gilardino, who made some space between him and his guard with a cross in the loss, but the striker hit the second shot on goal.

Then, out of nowhere, the Azzurri turned the switch and really handled the pressure.

Less than two minutes later, Maggio Jordi Alba hit the center on the left side of the box, but Casillas read the game well and was just above the head of Maggio, blocking out of danger. A minute later, Daniele De Rossi, Fernando Torres missed a free throw, but the head of the Roma midfielder clearly.

Claudio Marchisio has fun 18 minutes, sends a header from the center of the Spanish region far to the right. Help create weather Maggio gave Alba fits the right wing, if you prefer a more colorful "clown him." The ability

In short, what the bill Denbrough Pennywise.

Italy refused to back the 37th Minute thanks to huge burden Casillas. Emanuele Giaccherini found Maggio - who had again fallen behind on Alba as Barca defenders nightmare continues - a textbook header on the frame, which was expertly blocked by the Spanish goalkeeper.

Despite all the possibilities - a wealth if you will - Italy could not convert one of the many ways that they aimlessly in the first 45 minutes, the game half time.

It was definitely dictate remained a little slower. During the first 20 minutes of the second half of Italy The odds against attacks were not as common, however, and while Spain saw a bit more of the ball, they could not do much with his own attack.

Italy has a great chance in the 68th Minute when Marchisio got the ball into the box, but his shot was blocked by a superb tackle from Gerard Pique. In

In the 85th Minute Pique had the opportunity to present their own after Fernando Torres found some energy and made a career in the Italian Cup. Torres put the ball last defender, but the ball went terribly wrong that high over the bar and into the crowd behind the goal.

The second half of missed calls dramatic close that we saw in the first half, but it was still a game of tactical chess Spain tries to get a fascinating way to unconditional defense of Italy. Finally, they could not do it and the extra time was needed.

The trend in Italy is dangerous at the start of overtime opportunities as a substitute Sebastian Giovinco has diverted a ball in the face of the goal at the far post, where he was received by Giaccherini. Planning a Juventus midfielder met Casillas but hit the post again denied the Italians a goal.

From there he was in Spain.

Spain refused 96 Minute with a fantastic reaction block of De Rossi, Pique prevents a ball into the box. Sergio Ramos had a chance in the next corner, but could not get anywhere. His head around

Two minutes after the chip dream Iniesta lost in the way-back Jordi Alba could not volley attempt and sent the bar.

Juan Mata sent a blow to the left 108 Minute, but his focus on the lens have a wealth of Spain Alvaro Arbeloa cost hideout without consequences on the right side.

More from Spain 115 Minute when Xavi rockets away and was stopped by Gianluigi Buffon and position. The ball bounced right Javi Martinez with a shot that anything in the mail.

Finally, it was 120 minutes is not enough and went to the dreaded criminals. Easily the most cruel to a sporting event that has ever been invented so choose. It's like being in the "rod". By Lex Luger

Six rounds of penalties both teams were perfect. Antonio Candreva opened Paneka things systematically and Xavi, Aquilani, Iniesta, De Rossi, Pique, Giovinco, Ramos, Pirlo, Mata, Montolivo and Sergio Busquets all scored.

If Leonardo Bonucci was nervous look at Italy and drove his shot over the bar. Jesus Navas, a player of international competitions has cleverly avoided in the final against Brazil because of fear, calmly beat Buffon to Spain.

Just a wonderfully entertaining combination between two great teams.

Young Indian cricket team ICC Champions Trophy 2013 victory

NEW DELHI: The cricket fraternity hailed on Monday "great success" of the Indian team for the ICC Champions Trophy with a number of former players to increase "to rise from the ashes of the possibility" of captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and win a toast to give. confidence in his young teammates

Former players have the ability of young men to work valued under pressure and said it was a good omen for the future of Indian cricket, despite the recent recalls many fans.

"It was really a great team because of the way they played, how they won every game as they came out of difficult situations, only talks about the mindset of a champion, and c This is what we have seen in this tournament," said the former captain Sunil Gavaskar.

"He (Dhoni) has the ability to rise from the ashes, it is his temperament, which he treats those two impostors -. Fame and failure -. Exactly the same way I think that is the reason that we use to recover After a difficult period, "Gavaskar said.

Former India captain Gundappa Vishwanath also praised Dhoni now has the unique record of the only captain to win. Three world titles in the sport

"This is a great victory. Hoping to win, especially after the way we started the tournament.

"Congratulations to MS Dhoni. Now that he has the world titles to his name. It's probably one of the best captains we have produced. Knew there was no change in his captain and continue in the same way in the cool and composed approach the game and take the challenge for the future, "said Vishwanath.

Other former Indian captain and the selector Krishnamachari Srikkanth said that India has demonstrated its superiority again.

"This is a great victory. Neuer proved once again that they are the best team in the world in one dayers. In 2011 he won the World Championship and once again showed their superiority with a good performance," he said.

Gavaskar Dhoni said the team has developed into a good device.

"It is expected that the last thing a close, but for the semi-finals, to win easily. Speaks volumes about how this team has become a unit. Says a lot about his character."

Former India coach Anshuman Gaekwad felt that winning the Champions Trophy fans faith in the game, which has taken a hit during the fixing point scandal IPL 6 would restore

"I am very happy and proud to be an Indian. 'Ve played cricket in any way. These small goals are always dangerous, but the boys do not fade under pressure and showed incredible character," he said.

"It is important for the trophy to the faith of the Indian cricket fans to win to win. On the success of this vision back."

Other former skipper Chandu Borde-test compared the victory of the Champions Trophy with the Devils win the 1983 World Cup Kapil.

"Under pressure was great and the Indian team also performed very well under pressure. In 1983, in a game of few points that won the World Cup. Also under the pressure we have done here. There is a similarity between 1983 and the final victory , "he said.

Former captain Ajit Wadekar said the victory proved that India has a lot of talent and selling some of the great has no effect on the computer.

"It was a great victory. Congratulations to Dhoni, I think this is the best captain we have. Though not Rahul (Dravid) can together all young dhoni and showed team spirit in this unit. This seems complete with Sachin (Tendulkar), to his team and Dhoni is probably the best captain India has ever had, "he said.

Gaekwad congratulated the jury chaired by Sandeep Patil for his decision, young blood, which has borne fruit.

"Congratulations to Sandip Patil and Co Not many have this opportunity especially if you are on tour in England. Had a lot of fear, we never thought this young brigade would do very well. A game or idea behind deterred. Welcomes the jury for his brilliant idea to look at the future of Indian cricket, "he said.

Former India captain Nari Contractor said the Champions Trophy in India has "good" Dhoni made in all departments of the game under the captaincy.

"This is a fantastic victory. Praise for the team and of course the captain, MS Dhoni great when he led the team forward," said 79-year-old opener.

"The team played well have done well in all departments. Notice spinners the start was excellent and the new opening pair of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan was a revelation. About how the current Indian team is in progress, the future seems to be. '

The legendary off-spinner Prasanna said Erapalli Champions Trophy victory has proved that India are world leaders.

"This is a victory that leaves India are certainly the best team in world cricket. Captaincy of Dhoni was brilliant," he said.

India has the duo twist Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin acclaim for his impressive performance in English conditions.

"Jadeja appears to be a great asset to the Indian team with his left arm to steady rotation. Their bowling is also encouraging Ashwin. Ashwin and Jadeja have a very good combination spin formed," said Prasanna.

Cricketer a commentator Sanjay Manjrekar also was congratulated Team India for their recent success.

"Closely panic to the end and the team with the highest temperament came. Dhoni Well done! India Well done!" He wrote on his Twitter page.

Former India wicket-keeper Kiran More said team India played like champions England.

"One of the best I've seen Indian cricket. Played and you showed why they are number D is a great sign for Indian cricket as the champion" a., He said.

"Everybody played well enough cricket. Actual young, but experienced." Re-dominated world cricket now.

"Has hats off to Dhoni and the support staff. They treated very well to the pressure. Praise for Dhoni and the way he showed his character under pressure and agitation by Indian cricket. Undoubtedly one of the greatest leaders of India," said In addition, a former voters.

The former director and a member of the team that the 1983 World Championship, Madan Lal said that India were the deserved winners of the Champions Trophy.

"This is a big win in the sewing conditions. Never seen round balls England. In all respects, the Indian players the increased demands of the game very well. Though rain interruptions, demonstrated their skills in each every game," he said.

"It was a well-balanced all-round display of Jadeja came hand in this tournament. Shikhar (Dhawan) and Dinesh Karthik played with confidence."

Former India opens WV Raman said the trophy came at the right time for Indian cricket that has fallen on hard times lately, after the fixation point 6 IPL scandal.

"This is a great victory. The timing could not be better, and before his departure to London many underhanded things that players in India under the cloud of doubt put" Raman said.

"The players were clearly under enormous pressure. This is the best way to win the trust of millions of fans to regain."

Former India fast bowler TA Sekar Kelly said it was a great victory for the Indian cricket.

Former ICC president Sharad Pawar and BCCI also congratulated Team India for the victory.

"Congratulations to the Indian cricket team for winning the ICC Champions Trophy" tweeted Pawar.

Former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi called "incredible victory"

"A nice way to an exciting day of rain. Congratulations to the Indian team played. Wonderful?" Wrote the twitter account.

Paula Deen got Fired: Food Network Cancels Show After Racism Scandal of Paula Deen

Paula Deen
Savannah, Georgia - The Food Network, said on Friday that he paid Paula Deen, barely an hour after the famous chef cooking the first two online video apology for forgiveness from fans and critics published were used racist about his confession insults in custody past.

The 66-year-old star cuisine Savannah fell to the dispute and the documents submitted to the court this week unveiled Deen says a lawyer examine under oath last month that he used the N-word. "Yes, of course," Dane said, but he added: "It was a very long time."

The Food Network, which is a Star Dane "Paula Home Cooking" in 2002 and "Paula's Home Cooking" in 2008, spoke with a brief statement on Friday afternoon.

"Food Network not renew when it expires later this month, the contract of Paula Deen," the statement said. Network representatives went on to comment. A representative did not immediately Deen messages seeking comment on the decision over the phone.

The news came as Dane worked for the damage to restore a cooking magazine every two months, a full range of utensils, such as food spices, and even furniture its image, which has led to a vast empire of cookbooks.

You suddenly for a scheduled "Today" on NBC Friday interview, rather than a direct action through online video - him and his staff allowed full control over what he said and how he said it.

"The language is offensive Moderator totally, totally unacceptable," Dane said in the first 45 seconds of the video on YouTube. "I have made many mistakes along the way, but I beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partner -. Excuse me"

Deen took a solemn tone as she looked into the camera. But his apology was recorded three issues clear - the image disappears quickly between the joints - in a statement to five sentences long.

It was quickly discarded and replaced speak for almost two minutes unpublished, a second video Deen, it points out: "., The color of your skin, your religion, your sexual orientation does not matter"

"" I want people to understand that my family and I are not the kind of people that the press is trying to say that we are, "Deen said in the video later." Pain was enormous and I others I have caused. "

Never mentioned Deen Food Network or their decision to withdraw. One of their videos online

Dane expecting their first interview on the controversy Friday's "Today" that his planned appearance be favored as the exclusive live. Instead, Matt Lauer, saying that the representatives Dane pulled the plug because he was exhausted after his trip to New York audiences over. Deen said in his video was "physically unable" to appear.

According to court papers Dane was a 17 filing of a discrimination complaint filed last year by a former employee that the sea and Uncle Bubba Oyster House, a restaurant, Savannah Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers held May The former employee, Lisa Jackson said he was harassed and worked in a hostile environment full of sexual innuendo and racist insults.

During the deposition, Dane was peppered with questions about their racial attitude. At one point she asked him if he thinks he's with the N-word joke "to do." Deen told jokes are often focused on minorities and "I can not, I myself determine what offends someone else."

Deen also recognized likely setting servers black for the wedding of his brother in 2007 by an idea restaurant staff was inspired traveled with her husband. She insisted that she quickly dismissed the idea.

But he also stressed that she and her brother has no tolerance for intolerance.

"Bubba and do not worry about the color of the skin," or that kind of person, says Dane. "This is what that is in your heart and in your head important for us."

I'm engaged! Matthew McConaughey is a long-term love Camila Alves, proposed on Christmas Day

Matthew McConaughey is committed to long-term love and mother of two children, Camila Alves.

The proposed 42 years ago, with the Brazilian model and TV presenter on Christmas Day yesterday.

The actor announced the happy news with her fans on Twitter.

He writes, "just ask Camilla to marry me, Merry Christmas."

The Lincoln Lawyer star also released a photo of the happy couple share a romantic kiss on the forehead of your Christmas tree in your WhoSay.

The movie star was born in Texas met Alves, in 2006.

The couple has two children, son Levi Alves McConaughey - who was born in 2008 - and his daughter Vida Alves McConaughey - who was born in 2010 - together.

The couple lives in the house of Austin between the state of Matthew and Malibu, but McConaughey has lived for years in a caravan nearby - to profess a love for the simple life.

The proposal may come as a surprise to Camille, who recently revealed she and Matthew have been slow to come down the aisle in the near future.

"We have no plans right now," she told the magazine OK.

"We are as we are now. We are happy and good we do. So far, so good! "

Matthew McConaughey played by Emile Hirsch Killer Joe.

The film stars Juno Temple, Thomas Haden Church, Gina Gershon, and is used by the master exorcist of William Friedkin directing.

It tells the story of 22 years, drug dealer Chris (Hirsch), you need six thousand dollars fast or is it after his mother died, his property stolen.

Desperate, he turns to Killer Joe played by Matthew McConaughey, when he learns that his mother is the policy of life insurance policies worth $ 50 000.

'Paranormal Activity 3' scares by the numbers, critics say

Combining low budget, found footage-styling the 1999 "Blair Witch Project" in the eyes of uber-violent franchise "Saw" movies, "Paranormal Activity" reports third series of his film on Friday, led by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, known for 2010 documentary-with-a-star "catfish". critical consensus on "Paranormal Activity 3," says the film follows a familiar, but still manages to offer wounds and entertainment.

In a review for The Times, Mark Olsen says that "Paranormal Activity 3" is "so clear now, the film brutally aware of the series." Throughout the film, Olsen writes, "there is a spirit of invention and found.. The stagnation of feeling for the characters used (and scary) inside and outside shots of the colorful and fun, making the earthquake and the tremors affected giddier" , he added: "All this proves that Joost and Schulman movies are not real and not just artists Cascades, more compelling in a clearly fictional film that claims to be the reality of a documentary authenticity uncertain."

Richard Corliss in Time magazine, Joost and Schulman said "good choice to expand the franchise." He writes: "filmmakers throw in some fear of the poor: Mom in a monster mask, a babysitter laid before a camera, but the rest is pretty cool pinball machine .." Corliss noted that a number of channels classic horror film, and that "the nagging question that rumbles in every haunted house movie -? Why not just leave -. takes a long workout before the end of the graceful, shivering resolved"

The Boston Globe Ty Burr said that in addition to a new device that includes a swiveling fan ("It is thick at the base. And it works.") "," Paranormal Activity 3 is almost identical, and equally strangely effective, two movies in the alternation its weak "Boo!" tactics and really scary. "Burr and commends Chloe Csengery Jessica Tyler Brown, playing the young girls who grow up to be the protagonists of the first two" movies Paranormal "activity.

Claudia Puig, USA Today written, said the new film "ever goes off the rails, but also offers more laughs and a bit more character development than the previous payments." Puig said the film is less claustrophobic and a large font, and it also highlights the camera swiveling. But Puig wrote, "the freshness of the first film is gone as he has a degree of terror."

Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips, who called "Paranormal Activity" movies "bad" and "designed for single use only, one time use," admits that "they work." The last film, Phillips writes: "Like his predecessors joke" found footage "of growing new blood and terror slowly and sticks to you only when you need something to happen." Phillips is the central conceit of the series to be more "ridiculous" but said: ". I was afraid of delectable results every time"

Public scares most useful surprises, "Paranormal Activity 3" may be just the ticket.


Poonam Pandey Strips in MMS Video

Poonam Pandey shot to fame when she said that she would go nude if the Indian team wins the World Cup. And now, this Kingfisher calendar girl’s making news as a clip of her ‘stripping’ is doing the rounds. This 20-year-old model loses her t-shirt to reveal a bikini as she poses for a magazine shoot.

Pandey tweeted the links to the video and posted them on her Facebook page. The clip as such is not ‘raunchy’. Both the clips however are getting a lot of hits. To the reactions she got to the links, "i dono What do People get Making such MMS on me Shooting it like a ghost n Uploading them ... i was just on a shoot but then such Acts hahah," Poonam tweeted.

Watch the video of her 'undressing' here now:--

The model and liquor baron Vijay Mallya were taken to court by RK Pandey when she said she will strip if India wins the World Cup. RK Pandey, an individual who felt offended by Poonam promising to strip, accused her of depicting Brahmins in poor light and accused Mallya of prompting Poonam to go for nudity.

BMW F30 Launched. New 2012 BMW 3 Series.

The First F30 came out with best wishes written on it...

Engine data:
Cylinders / valves 4 / 4
Displacement in ccm 1997
Stroke / bore in mm 90,1 / 84,0
Rated power in kW (hp) at 1/min 180 (245) / 5.000-6.500
Max torque (Nm) at 1/min 350 / 1.250-4.800
Compression ratio: 1:10

Tyre dimensions front 225/50 R17 94 W
Tire size rear 225/50 R17 94 W
Wheel dimensions front 7.5 J x 17-inch alloy
Wheel dimensions rear 7.5 J x 17-inch alloy

EU empty weight in kg 1505 [1530]
Gross vehicle weight in kg 1980 [2005]
Load in kg 550
Permitted axle load front / rear in kg 920 / 1.140

Consumption *
City consumption in l/100 km 8.5 [8.2]
Extra-urban in l/100 km 5.2 [5.2]
Combined in l/100 km 6.4 [6.3]
Combined CO2 emissions in g / km 149 [147]
Tank capacity (approx.) in lts 60

Driving performance
Top speed in km / h 250km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h in sec 5.9 [6.1]


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